Who is better than Hamsun

Jose Saramago

Albert Camus


Hemingway, and by the way this is not in any order and am not really sure that Hamsun was that bad, still.

The 52 or so guys that wrote the bible. But since we don’t know the true authors of these works I will count the bible and various other religious works as one. And because I consider the works only marginally more important than Hamsun.

Ibsen er nok bedre?

Bob Dylan wrote a book

Gabriel Scott


Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Giangjang (sic), Xio although almost impossible to understand until you figure out he is talking to himself.

Dante, although that could be religious…

In the same vein some philosophers can only possibly count as one, Plato, Ari, Copernicus, HG Wells, JD Salinger (while we are into initials), AA Clarke, Isaac Asimov, PD James, James Herriot, Enid Blyton.

The lord of the rings and affiliated works, JRR Tolkien, Stephen King, Jack Higgins, Loen Uris, The bloke who wrote the navy stories, starts with a C? Clive Cussler! Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, and other boys own tales.

I’d like to include some text-books but I never remember the names of their author. Darwin I haven’t read. Owen sin “What is Ecology”.

“Just the place for a snark the bellman exclaimed as he landed his crew with care… William Lewis Carrol, Shakespeare of course although not more than half of his works, and now we reap the rewards of a humble strategy because the half counts as one.

T.S Eliot, Harper Lee, Ben Elton,

Frederick Nietzsche would have to be a great waste of time, Mein Kampf was on my shelf for a while. In the same vein a whole bunch of Russians whose names seem such a demanding exercise in concentration. Dosteovsky(Sic), Lenin, Solszhenitsyn, Alexandre(sic) was a good man. En god del fra Nabokov, the story about eggs, the dog man? Who invented Ivan Illich and with him a literary example of nihilism? Anna Karenininin..a.

Billy Brighton, Banjo Patterson, Henry Lawson who was also of Norwegian aner

George Orwell, his, pigs, his tvs and his Flying Apodistria(sic), His Essays are among the best I have read. Giancomo Leopardi(sic) “Moralske småstykker”. I.Kant “Den evige fred”. Jack London has also written more than ”the call of the wild”. Some of his essays are golden. “A way of being free” Ben someone. Machiavelli(sic). Marque de sade. The german bloke that wrote ‘daniel’ and “Peter cama…”. Who would love to google?

Erich(?), the mountain climber that got stuck in Tibet. Whympers’ travels and some of those of Thor Heyerdahl, Rudyard Kipling and

Marin Sorescu must be the greatest of poets. Virgils “The Aeneid”. Homers bible which I am not even going to bother to spell.

The “state of the world” from 1996 onwards. Ayn Rand(sic).

Just to name a few….

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