In the event 3

Just know fictitious loans of made up things can create a market for hurt Basically I would like to leave it there, short, has a clear meaning, figure it out but then that assumes and we both know what that does Country makes digitalised currency loan to other country using made up funds based onContinue reading “In the event 3”

Asset inflation

Asset inflation has recently been repeated all over the world since the US Fed and other banks started printing money in 2008-9, nor is this a new problem but rather inherent to the private property paradigm. The simple truth within the paradigm is that policies with significant social or environmental value will not be supportedContinue reading “Asset inflation”

Does everybody know?

Everybody knows the scene is deadBut there’s gonna be a meter on your bedThat will discloseWhat everybody knows We can see it coming, feel it working, approve our genius in harnessing it to do work, especially now as the cold northern winter or the (increasingly) warm southern summer approaches. In our general theory of evolution,Continue reading “Does everybody know?”