“Some things are so obvious it really makes you wonder why people continue to write them down” Jack is telling me. Admitting to the logicality of his argument, “what you have just told me is surely one of those things?” “Well then for christs sake please don’t write it down!” He chuckles and then looks over to see what I am doing. “Oh god, you are writing.” “Well typing at least Jack, obviously the obvious is obvious but not necessarily as obvious…” “Stop right there…” “You stopped me…” “Stop, stop, stop, hang on, wait a sec…” “Ok” I say and look towards him again wanting to see why I am waiting. Nothing is forthcoming. “Jack?” “You said obvious way too many times” he decides. “Obviously” “What does it mean?” He wants to know. “I was getting to that when you stopped me.” “Well then, obviously you are going to have to continue.” “What is obvious to one person is not necessarily obvious to another…” “Obviously” he is about to roll off his chair. “So when you say that something is obvious…” “I was referring to MG and his little written speech on the goals of the UN” “Millenium development goals?” “Yup, something like that,” he replies not all that interested now. “Well?” “What?” “What?” “Well, he said that they are not going to be achieved.” “Obviously”

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