“Is the forceful application of a moral standpoint on populations not adhering to it justifiable? The environmentalist is the terrorist of the third world…. The African zoo…?” Anon

“The environmentalist was a fundamentalist who denied the existence of a societal mechanism that functioned outside of their self”

“And would have contradicted the truth in that statement!”

“So basically environmentalists were not needed?”

“Well, that would deny their existence; we could rather say that that they existed when needed and when not needed should cease to exist”

“In a well functioning market as long as they can continue to sell their product they will continue to exist; even if their product is not useful.”

“But as a reactionary instance they should logically cease to exist when there is no longer anything to react to?”

“Yes, well, logically they would not enjoy that argument”

“But being an environmentalist all the time lacks a logical argument”

“Well, there is always something to react to…”

“You could deny that the market has the ability to sustain itself regardless of the state of the natural world”

“Which is what they do?”

“Not to any great effect as of yet, it is hard to prove the future, but the market can only sustain itself as long as it has a source of human capital to cash in on”

“What’s human capital?”



“Well perhaps not you Chuzt, but generally, yeh!”

“And human capital can only sustain itself as long as the market was there”

“And the argument of the environmentalist should be based on the continuing ignorance of this basic fact: Since the market was nothing in itself and human capital was nothing without the market, something must have been something”

“Yes, but the environmentalist argued that this something was nature”

“And it wasn’t, well it was in a sense, once nature was destroyed and important part of the reason to exist went with it”

“But the sense of ego fulfilment that being the soldier of a cause inspires”

“Marketed a whole new reason to exist, the return to Eden was seen by certain groups…”

“Most of who enjoyed the benefits of the system they sought to destroy”

“As an achievable goal!”

“Fortunately not as a believable goal for most of the population”

“Is it then this self fulfilment that inspires beliefs?”

“Having found a reason to exist can be motivating once one realises that no reason…”

“While reason can be used to justify any argument to a certain extent it needs a logical conclusion”

“Correct, an argument, no matter how reasonable needs a logical conclusion if it is to have any worth…”

“And environmentalism, like any fundamentalist thought process lacks a logical conclusion”

“Wait a minute, what is the logical conclusion of environmentalism?”

“The cessation of its existence…”

“When no longer needed”

“When, such a reactionary way of thinking, due to popular support, was incorporated into the market…”

“It became a reality rather than a belief”

“Such that arguing for the environment was no longer necessary other than a theoretical argument against the theory that realised it”

“So that in order to regain control”

“Which was of course impossible”

“The environmentalist had to join all the other groups and argue against the marketplace”

“Based of course on the environmental principles that the market had applied”

“In reality, the continuation of the argument meant that they were ultimately arguing against the wishes of society, and their own best interests”

“The wishes of society in regards environmental standards had been realised?”

“Society in a democratic sense, yes”

“More than fifty percent”

“Environmental thought was therefore reduced to arguing against what they saw to be the logical conclusion of economical control”

“Destruction of the natural world?”

“You can not destroy it but you can seriously affect its ability to sustain life”

“The market increases this ability?”

“Yes, productiveness increases with consumption.”

“So they were really arguing against consumption?”

“You could rather say that they were arguing against their own disempowerment and this meant that they were able to hold at least some of their market share when the conditions of growth were no longer present”

“The future was then to be based upon market decisions made by all based on an imperious mixture of propaganda and truth?”

“Or the propagation of certain aspects of the one truth”

“Arguing then that the marketplace is evil because it lacks moral principles…?”

“Is an attempt by certain fundamentalists to regain control and tends to ignore that the market is fashioned in true democratic style by the decisions of the people.”

“Misinformed people!”

“Greedy people!”

“Indeed, at first, but the need to increase human capital in order to provide for continued economic growth led to even more spending on education…”

“And with the increasing availability of information the population became truly informed”

“And the market started running itself based on the will of the people”

“Of course energy is still necessary.”

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