“Energy would already be free if certain people didn’t own it” Anon

Energy is within everything. Everything has arisen due to the lack of energy that caused energy to appear. In the beginning there was only energy according to theoretical science and no one knows where this energy came from. But since energy can not come from naught nor create itself it would seem prudent to declare energy as the infinite constant. Energy is our omnipotent god and thus every living thing needs energy.

”Energy is nothing but a change within the potentiality of an object”

“Energy is inherent within the object and necessary for its existence. Potentiality is an expression of the availability of this energy.”

“But energy is a living force… that is to say in a constant state of flux.”


“Change if you like, movement…”

“Energy is a represented in the changing state of an object, due to external interference and hence the Chaos theory of energy”

“The potentiality of the state of change, but yes, nothing except existence has ever happened without an external force”

“Nothing ever comes from nothing!”

“Except something right? No? Something must have come from nothing at some stage? Or did nothing arise only as a theoretical argument due to the impossibility of the existence of something?”

“The potentiality of the change of state?”

“Energy is a representation of the potential an object has to change state due to an external force. I say object but I could just as easily be speaking of non physical things.”

“Such as the etheric wave known as light?”

“Yes, light has the potential to carry energy.”

“You mean to say that energy is inherent in light as it is in all things?”

“Well then, each object, including non physical objects such as light, have an inherent potential, we could call it the sum of the energy the object can potentially lose”



“Without what?”

“What if it lost its total potential?”

“Atom bomb”

“Droll… If it lost all of its energy it would cease to exist, or would exist in another form.”

“So the potential within every atom is very high”

“Well some more than others, due to the structure of the atoms more or less”

“Their intrinsic ability or the very nature of their being…”

“Yes but the laws of energy require that a very large accumulation of energy is required to release a similar amount of potential, thus the very nature of the atom is not to be divided once it has reached a stable form.”

“The nature of most atoms is spontaneous combustion no, otherwise they wouldn’t exist and they certainly wouldn’t accumulate.”

“A very large accumulation of energy would work like a battery? Storing potential?”

“Yes, but atomic energy works because the sum of the initial potential needed to affect the action leads to the possibility of a chain reaction”

“Well, chain reaction and chain reaction… if the energy laws are correct the sum total of the potential needed to create and sustain the nuclear industry would be the amount of potential it makes available”

“Not accounting for losses”

“And not necessarily speaking of fission since this creates a substance with a higher potential”

“But you cannot create energy, it is inherent within the object”

“But the object has the ability to recreate its self at a higher potential”

“This would be suitably religious if the object were human”

“Ok then, but how can the nuclear industry claim sustainability?”

The economic definition gives a lot of room for substitution of energy. Economic substitutability theory basically states that everything is perfectly substitutable and thus the absence of, or reduced availability of an object in demand…

Will lead to the creation of energy by other means in order to profit from the demand within the market…

Those blokes really do not understand energy and they really do not understand the market

“Such that the sustainability of the nuclear industry is a best a short term strategy that is thought to allow for sustainability at some point in the future.”

“Everyone knows that infinite growth cannot be sustained, that resources are finite and that the world in its current state represents nothing more than a conflagration of propaganda intended to serve the wishes of a commanding few.”

“Not everyone knows that… logically due to the propaganda people are not particularly interested in such.”

“So people are not aware that costs in the nuclear energy are scheduled to arise due to problems with geological availability…”

“Geological availability? Limits? I wasn’t aware…”

“Yup, there’s a limited amount of rocks.”

This is not the only reason for potential increases in the price of nuclear energy. As pointed out earlier the energy created from the process of splitting atoms is not any greater than the energy already inherent within the ‘rocks’. Electricity is however much more useful than rocks.  Thus the sum of the inputs and outputs is economically unbalanced; electricity can be sold for more than rocks. Energy and electricity are often confused.

“But electricity will always be the most valuable”

“But you can’t create electricity without the rocks…”

“Or the stored solar energy”

“You need the stored solar energy in order to get at the rocks”

“So that without stored solar energy the nuclear industry would be non-viable?”

“Without the stored solar energy every industry would be non-viable! Hence the rising costs of stored solar energy leads to rising costs in every industry”

“You could argue that rocks are another form of stored solar energy whose potential is harder to extract than these others we are more familiar with.”

“Hence the theory of substitutability, other areas within the market will have to balance the equation, such that you do not even have to substitute energy with energy. You can substitute energy with increased efficiency, thus saving energy.”

“How do you save energy?”

“Ha-ha, save it from what? It’s self?

“You basically use less, less has to be created, and more is available for future use”

“You must have seen the ads on the tele; the government has been trying to get us to save everything for ages, save water, save power, save the climate…”

“No one wants to as long as it diminishes their quality of life and the market philosophers would have you believe that less things means less happiness.”

“Which could be true!”


“Well to my mind happiness is only the state of mind that causes happiness and as such can be manipulated by the forces of propaganda to the point where nobody really knows what makes them happy but assume a new car might do it. Though of course most of us acknowledge that something is wrong…”

“But no one wants to jeopardise their inheritance even if it means using up the inheritance of the earth!”

While infinitely distracting, none of this changes the basic premise, less is not created, an increasing amount is demanded (by the theory of growth if not consumers) and therefore an increasing amount is created. However, given a low energy economy…

“Has the market really ever encouraged any decreases? Growth must continue!”

“But you cannot create more forever and you can not save anything, no one even has a say”

“No one can create energy!”

“Baring the eventuality of a god”

It would appear that our friends are impressed by the inherent energy theory. But then where did the energy inherent within the objects come from? If energy cannot be created then something must have come from nothing and hence the reference to the god principle I assume.

“There is only a limited amount available, and as the availability of one source decreases so do the availabilities of all the other sources”

“Sunlight will always be around, at least for 7 Billion years or something like that!”

“Is availabilities even a word?”

My spell check says it is, or at least I infer that my spell check says that isn’t, I don’t get a red line…

But can a spell checking program really tell you anything except what it is told to tell you?

“Sunlight cannot support a population this size, or so it would appear”

“Sunlight could supply enough energy, theoretically”

“Well then, what’s the problem? We just have to wait until the price is right and sunlight will give a better return on investment?”

“We receive enough energy from the ‘sun’ to power the entire human economy theoretically; the only problem with us using this energy is that then the rest of the planet wouldn’t receive very much”

“So as the economy continues to grow it will internalize this problem, we will grow what we need to eat and keep alive that which we need for amusement”

A tiger or two hopefully, I like tigers, I was a picture of one today, it was drawn on a computer using lines and dashes. I still knew what I was. So there are a myriad of solutions but until we start considering humans to be nothing more than servants to the economy, which is of course nothing more than we are now, we are ignoring the facts. The entire planet and its entire energy resources are slave to the wishes of capital. The pursuit of increasing returns on capital does not correspond to sustainable policies nor accept that there may be limits.

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