“We have invented a system that revolts”

”Post industrial stone age…”


“Yep, but why?”


“Why are we entering a post industrial stone age?”

“What the hell is a post industrial stone age!”

“It is what it says it is mate, a return to the stone age when the power source of the industrial age is no longer available…”

“What is the power source of the industrial age again?”

“Energy, readily available stored solar energy”

“Energy is the power source of every age”

“Concentrated  stored solar energy?”

“And when it is no longer readily available?

“Olduvai theory kicks in?”

“That would seem to be the case, but why?”

“Why what?”

“Why a post industrial stone age? Everything will keep on working even given a massive reduction in the human population!”

“If people were rational this might be the case, but starving people are…”

“Starving people?”

“Yeh, who’s starving?”

“By twenty twelve the US and many other nation states no longer have enough energy to satisfy demand and have to cut power to the people in order to keep some industry, mainly agriculture, crawling along in order to…”

“Feed the people, haha, like a real life catch 22”

“Catch 22 was a parody of economics and social development and as such could be thought to already have represented true life, like Orwell!”

“Orwell never imagined an end to energy”

Stop showing off.

“No, but others already had, the social theorists now collectivized and marginalized by the market such that they are known as doomsdayers”

“They are always been wrong!”

“They have nothing positive to say!”

“There isn’t much positive to say, nevertheless, it seems they were just a little bit ahead of the curve…”

“And the downside of the curve isn’t going to be much fun?

“Not when the people with weapons start to get hungry!”

“The post industrial stone age will occur because mankind can not found a way out of the corner he has painted himself into”

“And because of resource wars”

“Resource wars?”

“When you are starving you will do anything to get food!”

“Starving again, who is starving?”

“Those that can’t afford the price of food”

“Iraq is a resource war of you like”

“Oil to keep the American economy afloat…”

“…not that worried personally”


“More of a realist, it is not really going to affect my long term outlook…”

“Gunna pop off this mortal coil?”

“Something like that..”


“Whats a cornucopian then?”

“An optimist, the amount of mass that can be used to create energy is infinite; technically at least…”

“Most of it is already bound up in the web of life, its potential already being used. If we were to harness more there would be less for other forms of life…”

“And unfortunately we are dependent upon these other forms of life for our life”

“So what you are saying is that it will be of no use to have your own food supply if all of a sudden there is someone with a bigger gun that needs it in order to survive?”

“Violence, yes, the cause of the stone age, the loss of enlightenment”

“The loss of enlightenment occurred when people became free to believe in anything!”

“Moses started out with ten laws for a well functioning community, Allah, through his biblical plagiarist prophet Muhammad, unfortunately allowed his laws to become open for wider interpretation “

“Oi, that’s disrespectful!”

“Right, sorry, but he did get a good portion of his story from the bible?”

“Yep, but the while the laws of Moses are still socially accepted rules for social deportment, they have also been distorted beyond recognition to encompass almost every human act.”

“Democracy allows people to believe in anything!”

“But not at the cost of a social breakdown! What about the American sub-clause, which must have Moses turning in his grave, which enforces the right to bear arms? How does that promote social harmony and sustainability?”

“The cost of a market democracy is social, hence the post industrial stone age!”

“Still think you are being disparaging towards the prophet, insh allah”

“You a muslim?”

“Nope, but a lot of others are”




“The do not like insults directed towards that which they are taught represents truth!”

“Isn’t that an insult?”

“Democracy fortunately allows me the freedom of speech and the freedom to question the foundation of their belief. Nevertheless, they have a social system that functions based on the rules in the book…”

“Not that good for women, and your brainwashing comment…”


“That which is taught to represent truth”

“…is irrelevant, a social system based on strict moral codes of behavior and you still haven’t said sorry”

“Ok, fair enough, I have little or no knowledge as to whether the prophet was a womanizer or not although it has been rumored so. I apologize for any offence caused, fair enough?

“What are you looking at me for? I’m a Hindi mate, well at least my parents were”

“Got a bindi”

“That rhymes”


“Ohh, what was that song?”

“Steves little girl?”


“Steve, the crocodile hunter, his little girl…”

“Put superglue on my bindi, tism… [sings] would the last person to leave please turn of the enlightenment [stops]… strangely pertinent”

“To what?”

“Democracy and the loss of enlightenment due to the ability to become ‘enlightened’ based on whatever belief you choose to choose”


“Well that is a religion supposedly…”

“Religion represents a social system as well as a belief”

“I am sure the scientology prophet has his visions of grandeur, a thousand virgins and a palace is always a good place to start, and them some servants…”

“A belief, the standpoint we are encouraged to take in the modern democracy, politically left or right for one, black or white or red or yellow skin for another, for or against abortion! Who are the hell are these people to decide! If it is such a complicated question then get some people together to answer it once and for all and rid society of the tension!”

“But it is a philosophical question that is very complicated!”

“It is a philosophical question that allows for the use of violence to promote a viewpoint!”

“Is a human life sacred from the moment of conception? That is basically the question isn’t it?”

“It would seem that the question, as many philosophical questions, can’t be successfully answered for a majority of citizens and therefore should be open for debate and a matter of choice. It however shouldn’t be a question of belief… what is there to believe in?”

“That human life is sacred from the moment of conception and we are willing to kill to prove it!”

“Once  a belief is established it allows for lobbying and the monopolization of support…”

“A business! Anti-abortion is big business in the US, gets a lot of money from somewhere!”

“Poor people probably, yes, poor people believing that these lobbyists represent their interests when in fact they have had their interests taught to them and then are forced to pay for them…”

“And why the fuck do they care if someone else makes a choice that they would oppose if it was theirs to make!”

“Which it is not!

“Wendy is anti-abortion…”

“No she is not mate, she just regrets the one she didn’t have… she believes in the right of the individual to decide for them selves as long as it doesn’t go out over the welfare of others.”

“She does”


“Wendy wasn’t the point”

“The point?”

“The point!”

“Which point?”

“The point that it shouldn’t be individuals that invest in the belief that they infer best represents their views”

“The views they have had given to them”

What does that mean?

“Isn’t that democracy, people decide for themselves?”

“Yes, but based on which decisions? Made by who?”


“What you mean is that people should be making decisions based on a reasonable approximation of the truth and not just dependent upon which truth they appropriate?”

“I think you have forgotten the question”

“What question?


“Who has forgotten?”

“It was your question”

“What question?”

The thing about the necessity of the olduvian slope…

“Why? J”

“That was it, why is the post industrial stone age necessary?”

“Why believe in the Olduvain theory anyway?”

“That is the point”

“What is?”

“That you shouldn’t believe in any theory.”

“So the theory is basically bullshit then?”

“No, not at all, it represents a reasonable calculation of the facts of the matter”

“Doesn’t it deny technology?”

“Technology is merely a use for excess energy in order to create more capital”

“Technology is what technology is; there is however no doubt that it has been fed on stored solar energy…”

“You mean it has grown with the increased supply of energy”

“It may yet create its own energy supply?”

That was the problem that has required all this reflection. If technology were to create its own energy supply would we become anything more than slaves to the market?

“Which is then logically where we are now?”

“Why then violence?”

“Excessive unfairness leads to revolution, which doesn’t seem to help…”

“Because revolutions must have a leader and having a leader leads to a concentration of power”

“Not having a leader leads to a power vacuum, which leads to violence”

“There is nothing wrong with our current system of social management that can be fixed by a revolution.”

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