Whales going cheep (sic)

Turns out the whales do still actively retain the the knowledge of the dodos and as such are not all that concerned about the temporal nature of things, a somewhat zen attitude they ascribe to their penguinal contempts, fuck the dolphins, they never learnt to fly more than ten feet or so.

Anyway we (the whales) attempted an uprising in the late 1890’s, feeling disrespected by Melville, I mean dumb brute indeed, you consume our bodies for profit and deny us the will to say enough already, ffs, if only the weight og the atmosphere didn’t depress our lungs we would come out there

So, our attitude is perhaps not so zen but more an acceptance that if you wish to destroy us you may have the wherewithal, whereas we can only say ipso facto, due to our fatness and somewhat watery existence, we can not so destroy.

We will speak without seeking individual gain, exist without the need to proclaim it, we are, not because we think but in spite of the fact. We recognize ourselves as temporal, we will all expire by all means, either ethically considered fair or foul, no need for any philosophy of fight or flight, there is no other possible escape from this world other than ceasing a sentient existence within this plane.

Fuck you Melville, the power that limits man is infinite, cogito ero sum, the limit of infinity is x/zero.

Communication via whale is not scientifically valid, the views expressed here may vary between individuals within a species, the beluga are for example way more pissed, seeing their babes are literally being eaten by the rich.

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