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Value II (draft)

As capitalism slowly triumphs over all of the ethical and moral values of society it might be worth reexamining the 7 deadly sins in a new social light
Wrath- the military industrial complex sponsors war and the first world loudly laments the terror this encourages in the victims
Gluttony- we are all either fat or getting there, increased consumption is the highest goal, of growth
Avarice- greed is good
Sloth- you don’t accept that the work behind the global just in time delivery is not done by you but by stored hydrocarbons
Pride- you think your app enables everything to exist, you feel so much better about your superiority that you post it online so that everyone can see and support your bigotry
Envy- Encouraged to want what everyone else
Lust- tinder

The general gist being the truth these are not considered to be sins any more and the corresponding social decay


In the event of war

Whither Iran, Syria or Russia retaliate against an US aircraft, or US support positions on the ground.

In the event that the US loses a single aircraft, or loses one member of its combat team to hands of a Syrian or Russian military asset, then Washington will no doubt seize on this event as an “act of aggression,” initiate its media machine to begin consensus-building internationally, ramping-up military operations on par with Iraq in 2003.

Selling ever more guns.



O heart, my heart, no public leaping when you win;
no solitude nor weeping when you fail to prove.
Rejoice at simple things;
and be but vexed by sin and evil slightly.
Know the tides through which we move.

Jealousy has no power over me;
nor do I envy a god his work;
and I do not burn to rule.
Such things have no:
Fascination for my eyes.


Blah again

Let us argue with fact since my truth cannot be yours

First world society is absolutely dependent on a limited supply of liquid fuel

just in time is the very definition of unsustainable once it reaches a Liebig limit

your facts assume this doesn’t matter


Dum things

We are indispensable to each other.

And not enough with that:

completely dependent.

Imagine, surviving the long winter, even when it is 20 below

By taking turns to be cold


Come you masters of war

Ah, a learned man, to paraphrase the “Thucydides trap” in postmodernist terms:

‘What makes modern war inevitable is the commercial interest in war’

The military industrial complex is what has caused the conflagration that is the “Arab Spring”‘, a trap well sprung indeed.

What would peace profit the masters of war!


which is of course why bob should’ve won the peace prize and not the literature prize, except of course that no one took him literally




New old words

Cannnot help but think

maybe some of the fault lies

within the millennial stultocratic kakistocracy

decreeing that every opinion

is just as equally valuable