Ask the people 2

Pissed off at your kids giving a damn?

EROI of energy available to do work peaked in 1920’s
burning 100million years worth of stored solar energy in 200 odd years is frying the planet, and the oceans – we all know this by now.

Consumption based overpopulation means using the biosphere at an unsustainable rate, outcompeting other species leading to the mass extinctions with
pollution taking care of the rest; plastic, inorganic solvents, heavy metals all creeping up the food chain.

The weapons industry is the single biggest contributor to Global GDP and climate change, in order that we might fight ourselves over religious, cultural or colour differences.

50 plus years of consumptive propaganda means that the addicts don’t want to stop even when the end result starts slapping them in the face. Specifically designed to distract you and distort your moral ethics so we can consume the last few good bits.

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