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Everything in the economy is created by fossil energy, as the supply dwindles the demand to consume pushes up the price, of everything. The demand to consume is a part of the dominant paradigm, which feeds on the illusion that all natural resources are free and infinitely substitutable. This is patently nonsensical but it has… Continue reading Simples

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Written a a different voice C’mon, the Court do’n make rules, it interprets law. Blame just the legislative assemblies that create law. Perhaps of good intent, but largely unecessary for the 99 percent. Blame the voters that elect the legislators, by whatever means the propaganda machines tell them they think. Blame the power that produces… Continue reading Abortive

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Does everybody know?

Everybody knows the scene is deadBut there's gonna be a meter on your bedThat will discloseWhat everybody knows We can see it coming, feel it working, approve our genius in harnessing it to do work, especially now as the cold northern winter or the (increasingly) warm southern summer approaches. In our general theory of evolution,… Continue reading Does everybody know?

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An unparalleled correspondence

For free; free books, who doesn't love a free book, free books abound in the digital ether, written by authors no longer living and transcribed often by those who might rather also be dead, or just dying inside as well as out, or just so so good at typing with a strong benificent streak. Large… Continue reading An unparalleled correspondence