Futurists – Horne 2021

‘Those who learn history are doomed to repeat it’

matter: physiochemical information in an elemental form.

life: matter in an artifactual biological form that captures free energy to recreate the form.

time: the apparent experience of the interaction of matter and energy within space.

futurism: Reporting the probable change in matter, the flapping of a butterfly’s wings, every collapse of every quantum wave, the new normal.

climate change: Looking into the past we have modelled the effects of effects. The combustion of 100 million years of stored solar energy in a few generations heats the planet. The heating continues until the combustibles are combusted. To paraphrase a political great: “There is no other way”.

politics: Left, right, left, left, right. Help others or help yourself, that is the basic ideology, but the choice is not real. To paraphrase a literary giant: “Between these two fallacies there is no middle position; or, rather, there is a middle position, but we seldom hear much about it. One ought to be able to hold in one’s head simultaneously two or more ideas on a subject without one invalidating or, in a sense, affecting the other.

The energy paradox  


digital computers

Schrødinger igjen 

All information coalesces    

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