‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it’

Cute enough but a logical fallacy since learning from the past is in fact the leading cause of repetition. It is a lack of general agreement about which learnings to apply that is stifling progress. Perhaps if we chose instead to learn from the future and in doing so create it.

Life relatively succinctly; self-replicating coded physiochemical information in an artifactual biological form, decipherable so far only to the biological form who evolved from the code and the wrote the rules for reading it. Did the code rediscover itself after evolving ‘ud af intet’ so that it could question its own existence, cogito, ergo sum? Chicken. Egg. Infinity can only be absurd from the perspective of something that has evolved a conscious recognition of time with a defined beginning and end.

Is there somewhere within our DNA a hint as to where you came from or where you are going. This has so far been a matter for futurists, where are we going, what will happen when we get there, how will time affect us.

Time being of course the observational effects of the change in matter cascading from the first cause, is easily able to be observed, planned for, and thus manipulated. I can change the future, but that is the future as soon as the effect is caused.  

Futurism the new normal, climate change is forcing everyone to look into, modelling the effects of effects – the code tells you how to think but what tells you what to think, ideas are taken from the ether or simply realised, as a result of how the code manipulates sensory input data in order to evolve the desire to self-replicate.

Ideas are simply an end to a means, the code seeks to realise the potential for harnessing physical forces to do work to consume excess energy, in doing so it is assumed the conditions for consumption and self-replication would improve.

You are really only allowed one choice in the modern market democracy, left or right, help others or help yourself, black, white, Jesus Christ, in reality they are all the same thing; consumption wanting to happen.

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