absurdism, Truth

Died suddenly

There is no evidence here simply a strange agglomeration of rubbish. And yet, to those that believe, this is entirely what they expect any who doesn’t believe to say.

“If you don’t believe in the conspiracy you are part of the conspiracy”

almost like they have done a reverse Orwell on themselves.

And so, the rubbish becomes a part of their truth, Covid is a ruse, designed to gain control, we will all be microchipped, so we cannot revolt.

Which may indeed be true, but it is not the truth. The truth is people are devouring the world at an unsustainable rate and the people in charge do not want to stop.

Instead they argue to stop is to fail and divide the population into camps that oppose one another instead of correcting the actual problem.

because a problem isn’t whether you are black or white, poor or rich, gay or one of the other initials, the problem is having enough to eat every day, having space to sit with your family, not worried about random violence or ending up in the streets, finding fish in the sea rather than plastic, greeting real people and making real relationships instead of liking strangers.

the system is threatening to achieve the goal of over-consuming, a rubbish video

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