In the event 3

Just know

fictitious loans

of made up things

can create a market

for hurt

Basically I would like to leave it there, short, has a clear meaning, figure it out

but then that assumes

and we both know what that does

Country makes digitalised currency loan to other country

using made up funds based on taxpayer willingness/ability to pay

other country uses capital to buy weapons

Digital transactions cause wealth to change hands, goes from digital made up to at least semi-real

other country pays back loans or ideally, makes more loans and eventually loans international money to pay a portion of loans

other country pays dealer direct for weapons using loaned funds

taxpayer funds are indirectly transferred to the weaponeers of war

taxpayers with good jobs working, some for said weaponeers of war, keep the cycle going

Other country folks die, in their defense sometimes in their own cause, but never the less because of… circumstances

Circumstances that could change if we defunded the whole program

#posts on why that cannot be done may need work #see tags

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