Myth 1

Renewables are renewable using renewable energy Only by doing several (presumably fatal) experiments is it possible to know what will break the back of a camel. Is it doubtful, based on the laws of physics, whether a battery or any other renewable source can be made without a surplus supply of energy. Economics tells usContinue reading “Myth 1”


Sure, there are serous doubts about whether you can make enough electricity from capturing diffuse natural energy to power the economy since the ability to capture diffuse natural energy comes from a hydrocarbon source. Hydrocarbons are in fact one of the most efficient natural batteries available and yet we burn them to make batteries thatContinue reading “Ammonia”

To the corporate mind

Saudi Arabia is virtuous those with all the money tell the others what to do   buy bombs and guns from the military industrial complex to keep the status quo   With enough surplus in bombs and guns to create another war or two   To the corporate mind profit Justifies war