Theconversation II

Evening, you are of course correct that the market, in itself, is simply an efficient medium by which to exchange, the work done by increasing entropy. Money, the medium of exchange, is now digital, existing as a construct. So what will you tell your child when they ask where monies come from? Is it likeContinue reading “Theconversation II”


Know that nothing is everything that nothing is   Potential is entropic decreasing the potential to do the same thing twice creates a new potential   the image we have of, shadows on a wall is the potential of a thing   if it were a one shot deal Nothing would be everything Forever  Continue reading “Recycling”


I have also confirmed that I loved Christ who could not love existing even before knowing why or how   birds make feathers by design or through chance Cellular entropy occurs and life┬ámakes birds from feathers   Carbonic remains Elemental foods fodder for a million billion bacteria Increasing the potential of nought   All ashesContinue reading “Confirmation”