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Sure, there are serous doubts about whether you can make enough electricity from capturing diffuse natural energy to power the economy since the ability to capture diffuse natural energy comes from a hydrocarbon source.

Hydrocarbons are in fact one of the most efficient natural batteries available and yet we burn them to make batteries that last 20 years, are less efficient by many orders of magnitude, are mostly toxic, and ultimately non recyclable without an external power source.

You cannot make batteries from batteries. Elon musk and his crew are using the last of the natural energy surplus to create even more toxic waste, at a large personal profit.

And we keep on using our energetic surplus on constructing hydrocarbon dependent infrastructure as if we had an infinite supply of a fuel which we already know is finite and will run out!

Ask the NRMA how much liquid fuel Australia really has in surplus:<

 known science since 1910 but maybe not such a good idea.

And Yehuda, he’s your Okeechobee¬†


Green turds

In Norway they burn rubbish to create energy

without the wherewithal to understand that creating rubbish is what is consuming the energy

without energy, no rubbish, no energy

same same for renewables
Without energy from coal and oil, no renewables, no energy

windmills, batteries and solar only last x number of years before their potential to create energy is nought,

might as well have just burnt the coal, would’ve saved a few lithium mines polluting third countries

google flamingos elton musk to see how green you can paint a turd

how many lithium mines do you know of; run from batteries, solar and wind

i try and laugh at the absurdism of trying to create more to deal with having already used the potential to create more