In the event 3

Just know fictitious loans of made up things can create a market for hurt Basically I would like to leave it there, short, has a clear meaning, figure it out but then that assumes and we both know what that does Country makes digitalised currency loan to other country using made up funds based onContinue reading “In the event 3”

Value III

I am not so sure Sonny, most business models disregard the energetic input available to reproduce cyberspace and consumption. Advertising simply uses natural resources to promote the further use of natural resources. If natural resources are limited, and I can assure you they are, then the business model actually has no social or environmental value.Continue reading “Value III”

Come you masters of war

Ah, a learned man, to paraphrase the “Thucydides trap” in postmodernist terms: ‘What makes modern war inevitable is the commercial interest in war’ The military industrial complex is what has caused the conflagration that is the “Arab Spring”‘, a trap well sprung indeed. What would peace profit the masters of war!   which is ofContinue reading “Come you masters of war”