Humans invented anthropogenic moralism in order to establish a framework for interacting with each other and with the rest of the planet. This is why we have a moral diversity, because nature is diverse and humans are products of this. Moralism has however, become largely anthropomorphic and in my opinion this is the greatest moral… Continue reading Morals

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A fractional reserve

Money is debt, created by government bonds, and/or fractional reserve banking, essentially the same thing. since decoupling from the gold Standard money is fiat the value ascribed an indication of the confidence of the market in the medium of exchange To goal being to siphon a proportion. Due the 'inventor' of the investment opportunity. Converting… Continue reading A fractional reserve



We know naught, we weren’t taught, and we truly know aught The very dominant paradigm teaches there is nothing we oughtn’t. If first proven profitable. For profit enhances the profit, even of those it kills, Extremes trickle down Ex culpas (not our fault), we declare. Domini parenti excelsis, (honour that which you are taught) when there… Continue reading Poem’ish?