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Everything in the economy is created by fossil energy, as the supply dwindles the demand to consume pushes up the price, of everything.

The demand to consume is a part of the dominant paradigm, which feeds on the illusion that all natural resources are free and infinitely substitutable.

This is patently nonsensical but it has powerful backers within the economy.

Generally speaking, the more a system enriches one, the less willing one is to change it. There is a religious argument that this is how devil works; rich man/camel; but since the existence of the devil is specious, one can only assume that it is something natural.

Not original sin as in the humans definition, but in the biological information “life” that has replicated on this planet. If DNA is simply a tool to vary the rate of entropy whilever excess energy remains then nothing is of any consequence. It is only once life is given meaning that consequence arises, and we are the only biological contruction that have implied a meaning for what we call existence. There is no actual proof.

Nonetheless, when you think about it we use more than half of our natural capital to create weapons (no social value), digital representations of reality (no real value except information) and infrastructure with a 40 year replacement timeframe.

If the first round of infratructure replacement doesn’t kill the myth of infinite growth within a finite world then the third will bankrupt and the fourth will simply never happen.

Which is why they are now drip feeding the story that it is crucial to spend what remains of a very limited natural capital to create weapons, that enrich those that have no interest in altering this market for growth.

And of course, they are correct, if we continue under the current paradigm where we ration access to wealth, health, food and information; on the basis that those that already have most recieve most. At some stage those that bankrupt first will come after those that still have (limited) comfort.

And since all of this has happened before, there is really something absurd about it happening again.

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