I have also confirmed that I loved Christ

who could not love existing even before knowing why or how


birds make feathers

by design or through chance

Cellular entropy occurs

and life makes

birds from feathers


Carbonic remains

Elemental foods

fodder for

a million billion bacteria

Increasing the potential of nought


All ashes to ashes

elemental remains

The chance of

potential decreases.

As entropy gains







and the power to do work, releasing potential energy and Liebig’s law


the greatest maximum

depends on the least minimum

Sybiotic inputs and outputs

Require the realisation

of entropy


what once was

in becoming what is

realises it’s potential

But leaves the canvas

no longer blank


the result of entropy

is the inability

to ever


realise the same potential







everytime I think I have a new idea I google it and find out it has been thought before

in a time before google


stultocratic (not my idea)


google discounts the need to spell


My child


yesterday I thought of nothing

today I know

nothing is the product of the something

which everything must be

google that google


tomorrow google will explain

why it needs a capital

proper noun

placed liked God

knows everything but what it is


the requisite of human thought

is not wisdom

unless it sees that

the disconnect

is the value of ideas


build me a casino

with a finite resource

i will gamble with my soul

and when resources are gone

i will gamble with your life



are generally rubbish

they don’t have to make sense

inspired by a conversation that no one understood except the person making it up


“Money is digital,

it doesn’t exist other than as a value

by which to interpret work,

E.g. I will exchange my money for your services

because neither of us has to do the work

it is provided by the fuel of fossils.”


“the production of energy needs not be cost positive

since the ability to do work

is the cost of production

E.g. The work provided by fossil fuels

Can be represented as digital values

that can be exchanged.”


None of which is sociably sustainable

without fossil fuels

Space matter time energy

similar to something I wrote a few years ago

inspired by the Great Barrier Reef, poo and John Ruskin “Unto This Last”


i am human

i exist within space

through time

I have learnt to harness matter

to make the energy

by which to pursue my own goals


space: unknown known

time: known unknown

matter: known known

energy: unknown unknown


Cogito ergo sum (I recognise myself)

i am born into space

i have no idea why

unknown known


From the moment of inception

time determines my place in this space

i cannot comprehend infinity

known unknown


As time tracks

i feel the effect on my matter

and the space it occupies

known known


I am space

i know matter exists for a time

i theorise the cause is entropy

unknown unknown








We know naught,
we weren’t taught,
and we truly know

The very dominant paradigm teaches
there is nothing we oughtn’t.
If first proven profitable.
For profit enhances the profit,
even of those it kills,
Extremes trickle down

Ex culpas (not our fault),
we declare.
Domini parenti excelsis,
(honour that which you are taught)
when there is naught else to know.

Ceteris paribus,
(ignore that which doesn’t fit your hypothesis),
allows propaganda to invent fact.
Do we then dedicate the future,
our future,
to the ideal of progress,
In the pursuit of n’erending profit?

Unlearned we declare,
The unbiased goal…
ecologically sustainable development
whenever proven profitable.


Without exception
the veryness of being,
causes movements
both balanced
and unbalanced

Nature in a vacuum
is vacuous.
Logic infers that,
space without definition….
doesn’t matter.

Creator of matter
the largest riddlers
made humility
the smallest matter

the continual changing face
of matter
is as inevitable
as being

Balance then
as unavoidable reality
needs be balanced
by an
open mind


is what you choose to believe


The technical definition of power is the change in a physical object.
A representation of the work it takes to move mass.
Work is force times distance
Force is mass times acceleration
Power is ability to force mass to accelerate by applying work.
Power is technical even when biological or natural.
The power of the fox to catch a rabbit
The power of a tree to erase rocks
The power of death to burn as light.
The power of time in which to do it.
Light accelerates in the quadratic and when coupled with mass
gives energy,
a natural power by which it
forces mass to work.
But without time, then nothing.
So nothing is what was before time
infinity is nothing
in order for mass to exist then time must exist
so in order for an infinitely small object of mass to exist
something must have created
the time to create it.
Otherwise it would have sprung from nothing which is impossible
unless time doesn’t exist

Ps. time may be simply an expression of the period it takes for a power to accumulate enough energy to encourage light to make mass work



“Is the forceful application of a moral standpoint on populations not adhering to it justifiable? The environmentalist is the terrorist of the third world…. The African zoo…?” Anon

“The environmentalist was a fundamentalist who denied the existence of a societal mechanism that functioned outside of their self”

“And would have contradicted the truth in that statement!”

“So basically environmentalists were not needed?”

“Well, that would deny their existence; we could rather say that that they existed when needed and when not needed should cease to exist”

“In a well functioning market as long as they can continue to sell their product they will continue to exist; even if their product is not useful.”

“But as a reactionary instance they should logically cease to exist when there is no longer anything to react to?”

“Yes, well, logically they would not enjoy that argument”

“But being an environmentalist all the time lacks a logical argument”

“Well, there is always something to react to…”

“You could deny that the market has the ability to sustain itself regardless of the state of the natural world”

“Which is what they do?”

“Not to any great effect as of yet, it is hard to prove the future, but the market can only sustain itself as long as it has a source of human capital to cash in on”

“What’s human capital?”



“Well perhaps not you Chuzt, but generally, yeh!”

“And human capital can only sustain itself as long as the market was there”

“And the argument of the environmentalist should be based on the continuing ignorance of this basic fact: Since the market was nothing in itself and human capital was nothing without the market, something must have been something”

“Yes, but the environmentalist argued that this something was nature”

“And it wasn’t, well it was in a sense, once nature was destroyed and important part of the reason to exist went with it”

“But the sense of ego fulfilment that being the soldier of a cause inspires”

“Marketed a whole new reason to exist, the return to Eden was seen by certain groups…”

“Most of who enjoyed the benefits of the system they sought to destroy”

“As an achievable goal!”

“Fortunately not as a believable goal for most of the population”

“Is it then this self fulfilment that inspires beliefs?”

“Having found a reason to exist can be motivating once one realises that no reason…”

“While reason can be used to justify any argument to a certain extent it needs a logical conclusion”

“Correct, an argument, no matter how reasonable needs a logical conclusion if it is to have any worth…”

“And environmentalism, like any fundamentalist thought process lacks a logical conclusion”

“Wait a minute, what is the logical conclusion of environmentalism?”

“The cessation of its existence…”

“When no longer needed”

“When, such a reactionary way of thinking, due to popular support, was incorporated into the market…”

“It became a reality rather than a belief”

“Such that arguing for the environment was no longer necessary other than a theoretical argument against the theory that realised it”

“So that in order to regain control”

“Which was of course impossible”

“The environmentalist had to join all the other groups and argue against the marketplace”

“Based of course on the environmental principles that the market had applied”

“In reality, the continuation of the argument meant that they were ultimately arguing against the wishes of society, and their own best interests”

“The wishes of society in regards environmental standards had been realised?”

“Society in a democratic sense, yes”

“More than fifty percent”

“Environmental thought was therefore reduced to arguing against what they saw to be the logical conclusion of economical control”

“Destruction of the natural world?”

“You can not destroy it but you can seriously affect its ability to sustain life”

“The market increases this ability?”

“Yes, productiveness increases with consumption.”

“So they were really arguing against consumption?”

“You could rather say that they were arguing against their own disempowerment and this meant that they were able to hold at least some of their market share when the conditions of growth were no longer present”

“The future was then to be based upon market decisions made by all based on an imperious mixture of propaganda and truth?”

“Or the propagation of certain aspects of the one truth”

“Arguing then that the marketplace is evil because it lacks moral principles…?”

“Is an attempt by certain fundamentalists to regain control and tends to ignore that the market is fashioned in true democratic style by the decisions of the people.”

“Misinformed people!”

“Greedy people!”

“Indeed, at first, but the need to increase human capital in order to provide for continued economic growth led to even more spending on education…”

“And with the increasing availability of information the population became truly informed”

“And the market started running itself based on the will of the people”

“Of course energy is still necessary.”