the simple, treatise being that, photons don’t move, light (as a reprentation of energy) shows where they were (or might have been)


The mass of the observable

should then be the energy of wave


divided by the square of speed

in the object in which the change in media is observable?


The mass of the unobservable

would be roughly equal to nothing

(I predict)

waves don’t exist

When energy equals nil


having being given a finite amount we divide it into smaller and smaller parcels the value of which increase at speed in proportion to the distance from the perceived value


If you cannot afford to buy

do not despair

the bank will invent money

and lend to your imagination

Real money, which you can

pay back with interest


cut out your backyard

sell it

and you can borrow enough

to cut out two more

and selling those

you can afford four


A new valuation.

Imagined into being,

suddenly at least 4 times moreworth,

New speak,

for the opportunity cost,

of mortgage

Liebig and his limits

The early science was concerned with the most limiting element to plant growth. Insufficient N and your plant wont’t reach its full potential

that which would hinder all; there is at least a resource whose substitution elasticity for others is less than 1.

i am just going to repost – thought:

“Only when the last tree has been cut down, the last fish been caught, and the last stream poisoned, will we realize we cannot eat money.”
― Cree Indian Prophecy


Externalities II

There is a prodigious amount of externalities in the market democracy but the market is not yet willing to bear them

Costs of doing Business


free for me

and freedom for you

to choose

one iPad or two


this piece of ground

yields a treasure

every 100 million years or so

which you instantly consume


a billion ipads

a trillion cars

a quadrillion of dollars

Representing the work of fossils